Engaged Cornell Hub
3rd Floor, Kennedy Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York

Anna Sims Bartel, Associate Director, Community-Engaged Curricula and Practice

Anna designs and leads programs supporting faculty development in community-engaged pedagogy and research, including grant applicants and faculty fellows. She runs workshops, institutes and consultations and builds relationships among faculty, staff and community partners. Read more about Anna.

Contact Anna:, (607) 254-4510

Mike Bishop, Director, Student Leadership

Mike is coordinating the launch of Engaged Leadership — a pathway through existing and to-be-created curricular and co-curricular offerings for undergraduates. He collaborates across the university to design, implement and evaluate a range of student development programs. Read more about Mike.

Contact Mike:, (607) 255-0169

Gabrielle Bridger, Administrative Assistant

Gabrielle serves as receptionist for the Engaged Cornell Hub and supports OEI’s day-to-day operations, including scheduling, event/programming support and communications coordination.

Contact Gabrielle:, (607) 255-6006

Joy Das, Program Manager, Student Leadership

Joy oversees the delivery of student community-engagement initiatives, working closely with the Engaged Ambassadors to implement programs. Read more about Joy.

Contact Joy:, (607) 255-2848

Aaron Goldweber, Senior Director, Communications

Aaron is responsible for developing and implementing the Engaged Cornell communications strategy and partners with faculty, staff and students from across campus to promote Cornell’s community-engaged learning, teaching and research.

Contact Aaron:, (607) 255-0435

Dhyana Gonzalez, New York State Partnership Liaison

Dhyana facilitates new and strengthens existing linkages between Engaged Cornell initiatives and partner organizations in New York state. She facilitates access to statewide community-engaged research, learning and service experiences for students, faculty and staff.

Contact Dhyana:, (607) 254-4215

Lorie Gordinier, Grants Manager

Lorie oversees budget and financial reporting, and develops data management processes to improve the delivery of strategic programs.

Contact Lorie:, (607) 255-7015

Sarah Hazlitt, Domestic Logistics Coordinator

Sarah serves as the main focal point for addressing, compiling and maintaining resources that support logistical operations associated with domestic off-campus learning experiences, including those in community engagement.

Contact Sarah:, (607) 255-5358

Richard Kiely, Senior Fellow, Program Evaluation

Richard leads the design and implementation of program evaluation and provides guidance and resources for assessment and evaluation of community-engaged learning, teaching and research. Read more about Richard.

Contact Richard: , (607) 254-4730

Ashlee McGandy, Content Strategist

Ashlee initiates and launches web, mobile, print and publicity communication projects that enhance the visibility of Engaged Cornell on campus and beyond. She is the primary contact for the Engaged Cornell website.

Contact Ashlee:, (607) 254-4301

Basil Safi, Executive Director

Basil is responsible for coordinating strategies to achieve community engagement goals in support of Engaged Cornell. In this role, he oversees administrative, staffing and business processes and tracks key performance indicators. Read more about Basil.

Contact Basil:, (607) 254-5456

Amanda Wittman, Associate Director, Community-Engaged Curricula and Strategy

Amanda leads programmatic efforts focused on the development and assessment of faculty efforts in community-engaged pedagogy and research. She supports grant applicants and faculty fellows through workshops, institutes and consultations for faculty and staff. Read more about Amanda.

Contact Amanda:, (607) 255-1478

Graduate Students

Taylor Estes, Graduate Program Coordinator, Data and Assessment

As a GPC for data and assessment, Taylor is responsible for monitoring the evaluation and assessment of student learning and satisfaction surveys for all community-engaged leadership programs, facilitating conversations on this data and compiling end-of-semester reports. This position also supports the undergraduate Engaged Ambassador team with data for continuous program development.

Julia Godinez, Graduate Program Coordinator, Critical Reflection

Julia is one of two GPCs responsible for refining, tracking, reading and scoring student written critical reflections, supporting teams of readers to do the same and supporting a community of undergraduate critical reflection facilitators within student organizations.

Jiajing Guo, Graduate Program Coordinator

Jiajing is a third-year PhD student in Cornell Information Science. She studies computer-mediated communication (CMC) and live streaming. Her recent work investigates how AI-embedded CMC in live streaming affects people’s interaction. She supports OEI’s assessment, evaluation and research team. Her support includes qualitative and quantitative data analysis, community engaged-learning (CEL) inventories and data visualization demonstrating the impact of CEL.

Anshuman Gupta, Graduate Program Coordinator, Evaluation

Anshuman is involved in program evaluation of Engaged Cornell Courses through systematic data collection, rubric development and analysis. His work will help OEI assess the impact these courses have had on students and the community at large. Read more about Anshuman.

University Leadership

A team of university leaders work closely with the Office of Engagement Initiatives to steward Engaged Cornell’s mission and strategy. Learn more on the Engaged Cornell website.