Research Aimed at Improved Health Care

Nikolaus Krachler MS/Ph.D. ’20 knows what it’s like to be a health care worker with ideas for improving patient care, but with no one willing to listen.

“When I was a paramedic in Austria, I observed how hospitals and medical practices worked and how their policies affected patients with chronic conditions,” said Krachler, a doctoral candidate based in ILR’s Department of International and Comparative Labor.

“I also noticed there were big differences in status among health care workers, and being paramedics, we were looked at as pretty low in the health care system’s status hierarchy. That showed me that status differences between occupations are an important dimension in understanding how health care works.”

That experience planted the seed for Krachler’s research into improving care coordination programs that track medical and social services care for people with chronic conditions in the United States and United Kingdom – and how health care workers can play a critical role in breaking down communication barriers facing those patients.

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