Job posting: OEI Domestic Logistics Coordinator

Administered by OEI, the Domestic Logistics Coordinator is charged with supporting colleges and units throughout Cornell to facilitate access to US-based, off-campus educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

The Domestic Logistics Coordinator will serve as Cornell’s chief liaison for providing, compiling and maintaining resources that support operations associated with domestic off-campus learning experiences, including those in community engagement. The Coordinator will play a key role in removing barriers for student participation in off-campus experiences throughout the US and streamline operational processes to facilitate this involvement. The Coordinator will leverage off-campus resources and connections to clarify and provide consistency on issues related to risk management, transportation and housing for students, faculty and staff involved in these efforts. The Coordinator’s responsibilities will also include: the identification of necessary resources; cultivation of best practices; and the promotion of helpful tools to expand opportunities for domestic off-campus learning.

Full job posting for external candidates.

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