Revitalizing a Region: High Road students taking action through community agencies

ILR High Roads Program, Buffalo NYThe High Road Fellowship program is sending 21 undergraduates out to work this week with Western New York community-based organizations. The program has been pairing students with non-profits for 10 years, and is an influencer in the region, according to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

ILR, he said, has had “a significant impact in educating people, preparing people for work in labor relations, and in helping to prepare people to negotiate agreements in the community.”

“It’s been in this community for a very long time and has had a profound impact on Buffalo and the Western New York community.”

Mayor Brown has worked with ILR on a range of issues including economic development, the living wage, paid family leave and negotiating community benefits agreements. “The work has been very impactful.”

The program, part of the land-grant ILR School serving New York state and others, presents students with a living laboratory where they can research and explore real-life societal issues.

So far, 171 High Road students have worked on grassroots economic development projects with more than 40 community organizations affiliated with the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG).

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