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Researchers design software for rural Peruvian coffee growers

Cornell students, faculty members, Fair Trade USA representatives and coffee growers in Peru.Cornell faculty and students are working with a 1,000-member coffee-farming cooperative in rural northern Peru to create an interactive cost model of sustainable coffee production.

Gilly Leshed, information science senior lecturer, Miguel Gómez, associate professor, Joshua Woodard, assistant professor in the Dyson School, have joined forces with Fair Trade USA to develop software for Latin America coffee growers that will help them evaluate their production costs and negotiate fair prices with international buyers.

“For the past year our students have been practicing human-centered design by creating a user interface to make a product available to our end users – the coffee growers,” Leshed said. “Our initial visit to Peru last August included understanding their needs, the context the users are operating in and the challenges. A key feedback we received after our first visit was that the user interface should be mobile-responsive. A lot of these coffee growers don’t have access to computers but many have smartphones.”

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